Clinical Practice

In her limited clinical psychology practice, Dr. Peters sees adults in psychotherapy. She specializes in the psychological effects of traumatic life events and the trauma disorders. Dr. Peters has successfully helped clients cope and heal from traumatic stress, PTSD, complex trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, and the general psychological effects of interpersonal violence.  Interpersonal violence is violence or abuse that is inflicted on one person by another, frequently perpetrated by a person close to the victim. It includes intimate partner violence (domestic violence), childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse in childhood, and crime victimization. Dr. Peters has also worked with individuals who have experienced the psychological aftereffects of other traumatic events, including torture and persecution, severe accidents, life-threatening medical diagnoses and combat experiences.

Dr. Peters’ treatment approach is individually tailored to meet client’s needs. She employs trauma-focused treatment for her clients who have been victimized, traumatized, or subjected to extremely life altering events. Dr. Peters also engages her clients in active problem-solving skills to facilitate an understanding of the formation and maintenance of their distress.