Our Interpreters

Brenda Madera

Ms. Madera is a Denver native who is fluent in both English and Spanish. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages with a Translation Certificate from Metropolitan State University. She has seven years of interpreter experience and has worked with Dr. Peters for five years doing immigration evaluations.

Ms. Madera firmly believes in the saying, “Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours.” Coming from an immigrant family herself, she knows first-hand the struggles that immigrants go through with language and cultural barriers and feels a sense of personal gratification knowing she can help facilitate part of the process of legalizing their status in the U.S.

Monica Pantoja

Ms. Pantoja is a bilingual speaker and certified interpreter who has 16 years of experience in interpretation for the Aurora Public School District and the Cherry Creek Public School District.  She has worked with Dr. Peters for the past six years in the area of immigration evaluations.

As stated by Ms. Pantoja,” I enjoy working with people that are trying to legalize their status and better their lives here in the United States.  My family immigrated from Zacatecas to the United States when my mother was a little girl.  My grandfather worked in agriculture in California for many years and was able to legalize all of his family through his job. In my work as an interpreter, I hear about the struggles and hardship that many people go through to come to the United States in search of better opportunities for themselves and for their families.  I believe that people need to be given an opportunity to establish a better future.  I really enjoy working with those pursuing legal status in the U.S., as I gain a sense of personal satisfaction from helping others.