Expert Testimony/Consultation

Experts are persons with special knowledge, skill, experience, training and/or education that goes beyond the experience of ordinary members of the public. An expert can be very useful when the facts and issues of the case are not easily comprehensible and can be instrumental in helping juries to understand the evidence in a case. A good expert is able to provide consistent and accurate information and opinions in a clear manner that creates understanding and rapport with judge and jury alike.

Dr. Peters provides expert testimony and consultation services for the both the prosecution and the defense. She has over 20 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of trauma related issues.  She provides expert testimony in cases of sexual assault/abuse, PTSD, victims of crime, torture, emotional trauma and domestic violence. Dr. Peters has been endorsed as an expert witness in criminal, civil and courts-martial cases.

Dr. Peters has also served as an expert witness in cases before Federal Immigration Court in the areas of asylum, U visa, Violence Against Women Act, VAWA, cancellation of removal and hardship based waiver cases. She has completed over 800 evaluations for the Federal Immigration Court for adjudication.

Dr. Peters is a recognized expert in the areas of impact of sexual assault/abuse, neurobiology of trauma, PTSD, combat related trauma, short/long-term effects of assault/abuse, perpetrator behaviors, common victim response/counterintuitive responses, revictimization, impact of parental separation, domestic violence and family immigration issues.

In her years of practice, Dr. Peters has treated/evaluated approximately 4000 victims of trauma. She has over 500 hours of advanced post-masters and post-doctoral training in trauma specific research, assessment and treatment.

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