Basic Fee

Regular 50 minute therapy sessions are charged at a rate of $170 per session. Payment is due in full at the time of service. Payment may be made by cash, check or major credit card. Longer therapy sessions are prorated based on the hourly rate. A fee schedule for forensic work is available upon request.

Insurance Payments

Insurance payments are not accepted, primarily as a result of the importance placed on your confidentiality. It is important that potential clients understand the ramifications of using their insurance provider to pay for therapy. When using your insurance, Dr. Peters must, as a provider, submit detailed information about you, including a mental health diagnosis and sometimes information about your sexuality. More often than not, your insurance company will “give” you a provider based on zip code and not on the therapist’s specialty, expertise, or experience with your particular needs. Further, using your insurance often means that your therapy cannot be customized to meet your individual needs. It must follow a protocol for your particular diagnosis—which may include the use of psychotropic medications, as well as providing you with time limitations, commonly consisting of 6-8 sessions of therapy. This results in a “cookie cutter” approach to therapy. An important point for potential clients to understand is that the information that Dr. Peters is required to submit to your insurance company could result in you being denied disability and or life and health insurance in the future.

By paying out of pocket for your therapy, you have the control and freedom to select a well qualified, experienced therapist that will provide you with personal and customized care. You will receive treatment that is tailored to your individual needs and that is directed by you. Together, Dr. Peters and you will decide when you have completed treatment and not leave this important decision up to your insurance provider.

Outside Provider

Dr. Peters is happy to serve as an “outside provider” if your insurance covers this type of arrangement. This requires you to pay Dr. Peters directly for your services and then for you to receive reimbursement from your insurance company. Using this method of payment can reduce threats to confidentiality and the limitations for length and type of treatment that you are “authorized” to receive.

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